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Why You Need to Offer Discounts!

Our discount program websites… offer a wonderful way to keep your consumers informed on their computers and all mobile devices.  

It creates a platform to network your discounted offer on all social media websites and give you the best chance at taking your message “viral”.

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*These are sample cards”

Our partnering merchants… discounted offers are also added to several “Money Saver Cards” and distributed to the local community and college students on and around campus.

These cards attract consumers; living, working and attending school in your own business area. 

These cards are used over-and-over for a 6 month period and have an expiration date posted on every card.

Our cards are kept in your consumers wallet or purse and keep your business on their mind… over your competition.

The local consumer simply shows the card to the cashier at the time of their order to take advantage of the discounted offer.

It’s time to ask yourself!

Why would I not patronize a business who offers me a discounted offer… over a similar business who does not?

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